Your future is as important to us as it is to you.

Stronger. Quicker. Better. You hear that a lot at Swinton. And when you do, it isn’t just about improving things for our business. It’s our aim for you too. No surprise, then, so many people, when they come here, they stay!

Whatever role you’re in, whatever ambition you have, you can achieve something amazing here. There’s a long-term career waiting for you here if you want it – and it’s made possible by all the learning, training and mentoring opportunities open to you from day one.

Whether you want to move up, across, or even around Swinton (or if you just want to keep on getting better and better at what you do), there’s a place for you here.

You’ll work with your manager to figure out what’s best for your development and how to approach it, and then we’ll make it happen together. From external training to stuff you can learn on the job, and from technical skills to softer ones, we’ll always be there to help you think ahead.

It takes a real ‘make it happen’ attitude to work here. So we’ll never force progression on you. But, when you want it, and you’re ready to go for it, we’ll be right by your side.