Here’s to getting more exposure than ever before

Being in a small Legal department comes with lots of benefits – big and small. For starters, you’ll deal with a huge range of legal work from all sorts of different business areas, making each day, and each case, different from the last. It makes for some fantastic legal careers.

From drafting supplier contracts to confidentiality agreements, we provide in-house legal support for all support services functions. It’ll be up to you to keep each function aware of all of its rights and obligations with the various companies they do business with.

Perhaps most rewarding, we get to deal with matters from start to finish. And we see the results of our work being implemented throughout the business. First hand. This can be anything from the music licensing agreements for TV adverts to outsourcing contracts for stationery or water machines. We get a great understanding of how a business of this size really works and the people behind it.

And we think that’s pretty exciting.

You’ll have the opportunity to experience a wide variety of legal work, helping you to become a much more well-rounded lawyer. You’ll also develop a high level of commercial awareness as you go, getting to see how each decision you make has an effect on our business.