Here’s to spreading the good news

Talking with each other + one set of beliefs + sharing our achievements = a recipe for success. It’s simple when you think about it. And it’s why we put so much focus on our internal comms. Join the team and you’ll bring all the different parts of Swinton Insurance together.

It’s a really fast-paced environment and there’s always lots going on. So there’s always lots to talk about – and you’ll always have the chance to learn more, grow quickly and progress far.

In essence, our role is to create and deliver communications that work. And by becoming the voice of Swinton internally, you’ll help to implement an approach that keeps all of our people informed, interested and engaged in what’s going on – so they all feel like they’re part of it and contributing to it. Which they are!

You’ll tailor messages for different audiences, and build close relationships right across the organisation to find out what they want to say, and how they want to say it.

So get a fresh piece of paper ready – you’ve got a story to tell!