Here’s to making things better. For everyone. Forever.

In an ever-changing, non-stop evolving business like ours, it’s safe to say life in Swinton HR is never boring. It’s why we focus on the proactive rather than reactive elements of HR. And it’s why your career with us will be just as exciting.

There’s always a huge amount of interesting projects on the go to get stuck into to – and you’ll always have the chance to make an impact on them too.

Sure, it’s about providing HR expertise to the rest of the business, but there’s more to it than that. You’ll get to work with every area of Swinton. In every part of the country. You’ll be the trusted face they can turn to for help with their people strategies and goals (and that could be completely different from one business area to the next).

There’s a lot of change going on around here at the minute (in fact, there always is – we love to be kept on our toes), so it’s a great time to join. We are the champions of a strong set of values which we encourage all of our people to live by, creating a great place to work. And you’ll be at the centre of it.