Here’s to pulling all the strings

Finance. It sits right at the heart of Swinton Insurance and is where everything else is made possible. So as you’d imagine, we take it pretty seriously. Whichever team you join us in, you’ll manage, report on and control the money within the business and support us to make decisions – big and small. It’s a very well respected team here at Swinton – and you will be too.

Our Finance department is made up of all sorts of different teams: from Financial Reporting to Financial Processing, and Commercial Finance to Retail Bank Reconciliation. Each team plays a different role in making sure we function correctly and compliantly, always in-line with the rules and regulations set by the FCA.

They also have a close relationship with the retail network, resolving any banking issues, sorting out customer refunds and dealing with cashback incentives too.

So, if you’re looking for a financial career with lots of job prospects, lots of training and your own personal development plan, as well as flexible hours and the chance to be part of a diverse and genuinely friendly team, there’s nowhere quite like Swinton Finance.