Here’s to helping it all go to plan

With hundreds of thousands of square feet of property and offices, our Facilities team has one of the largest day to day remits of any team at Swinton. And it’s easy to see why. It’s their job to ensure the safety, accessibility and smooth operation of every one of our colleagues. That’s no mean feat. So it calls for a whole bunch of talented people.

From maintenance, testing and inspection, to carrying out audits and giving out guidance, everything they do is to make servicing our customers easier. And safer. And more enjoyable.

Then there’s Procurement. Procurement gives us a real competitive advantage through a professional Category Management approach. That’s everything from sourcing to supplier management and stakeholder engagement. It’s all about value and sustainability.

In fact, talking of value, it isn’t just in the interests of our colleagues. Everything in Facilities & Procurement is done with the customer at its heart – you could say innovation and proactivity is our middle name.