Here’s to making our customers heard

Every one of our customers has a voice. They each have a say in how we work, how we deliver our work, and how they’re treated. And that’s all down to our Customer Experience team. It’s their job to make sure Swinton Insurance is customer driven, easy to do business with, and cost effective. Simple.

As part of the team, you’ll help to drive strategic improvements to both customer service and business processes to help improve the way we work – and how we’re seen by the outside world. It’s about gathering customer data, analysing it, and then putting forward plans to make what we do even better – challenging the status quo when it’s needed.

It isn’t because we’re regulated or because we have to do it – it’s because it’s the right thing to do. Customer experience is everything.

We’re a diverse team, with a perfect blend of skills and experience, working closely with colleagues and stakeholders from every area of the business. Which means solving problems, making change happen, analysing change, and, well, doing whatever it takes to make finding insurance easy. That’s a better world to live in, right?