Here’s to keeping your finger on the pulse

Bikes. Taxis. Businesses. Homes. We’ve been helping people to find insurance for 50 years. And if there’s one thing that ties them all together… it’s change. It’s what we do best. Nothing stands still for a second. Our fingers are always on the pulse.

It’s fast paced. There’s lots of variety. And you’ll have huge exposure right across our organisation – making an impact on every area you touch. That makes for some outstanding opportunities for career progression.

In Business Change, we lead and deliver projects right across Swinton. We analyse the way we do things across our organisation, identify the areas we can improve on, and then we make it happen.

Aligning everything to our wider business strategy, you’ll make sure any changes land safely, that they’re well communicated, and that they have as positive an impact as possible on our colleagues and, above all, our customer experience.

This is exposure on a phenomenal scale.