Here’s to being in the heart of the action

Our Manchester contact centre is our biggest – set slap-bang in the middle a major, vibrant city offering a huge choice of lifestyles, whatever your interests. There’s always plenty to do on our doorstep.

It also means transport getting in and out is excellent, and the surrounding area is abuzz with city life.

Inside, it’s pretty fun and exciting too – but it’s also challenging. But then again, you’d never shy away from a challenge, would you?

There’s always some kind of activity going on – and there’s a genuine supportive atmosphere, filled with people who are hands on and always willing to help you, whether in your personal development, career next steps or with a charity challenge.

The open door policy means people are treated like people not a number on a seat. And, crucially, you can drink as much free tea and coffee as you like. So let’s put the kettle on. One sugar or two?