Here’s to loving every minute

No matter what job you’re in – no matter what industry – we all spend a lot of our time at work. So, it makes sense to make it as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible, right? That’s what we think, anyway. And we hope it shows.

Maidstone is the home of Swinton Bikes. It’s busy, it’s fast paced and it’s fun – and, above all, it’s totally driven by customer experience and career progression. So when you join, you’ll get your own ‘buddy’ who’ll support you and train you up – from listening to calls together to practising on the systems.

You’ll find yourself in a modern, open plan office with your own spacious desk and plenty of areas to relax and chill out in too.

Perhaps what really set our Maidstone contact centre apart, though, is some of the fun we have along the way. From game show marathons (yes, game show marathons) to talent contests and raising money for charity, it’s all about doing what’s right, in an environment you enjoy doing it in.

Be honest. You didn’t expect that when you started your job search, did you?